Fully Custom, Genuine Pro-Grade CANADIAN YELLOW BIRCH Bat

Fully Custom, Genuine Pro-Grade CANADIAN YELLOW BIRCH Bat
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Product Description

Our Canadian Yellow Birch is quickly becoming the most popular wood for baseball bats. It has some of the flexibility qualities of Northern White Ash and it is far more durable than Maple and Ash.

The Impact Bending Strength of Yellow Birch is 55, and compared to Maple at just 39 or even White Ash at 43, Yellow Birch is extraordinarily tough wood. If durability is your priority, Yellow Birch is the best wood for today's game-weight baseball bats!

Be careful when you purchase Birch bats. There are many species of Birch. We use only pro quality Yellow Birch from the colder climates of Canada and Maine. Cold regions restrict tree growth so that the grain is narrow and the wood is very dense. As with all the wood we use, this is the high density grade needed for professional use.

Hardness: 1260

Weight: .62

Impact Strength: 55 (BEST for game-weight bats)